Privacy Policy

Upquizzes (“us”, “we”, or “our”) is concerned about the privacy and security of your personal information. This privacy policy is applicable to the data and information we collect when you visit our site.
When you interact with our site or sign up for upquizzes account, information about you is gathered and controlled by upquizzes.

Upquizzes is solely and independently liable for its privacy practices. If you do not acknowledge the terms of privacy policy, then make your own choice to access, browse, and register the website. In this case if you do not provide us with sufficient information, you will not be eligible to sign up with a user account and access our service. 


we  ensure to comply with our legal obligations by storing your information. Upquizzes collects your provided information once you:

  • Create a user account with us
  • Enroll to attempt our quizzes
  • Make purchase of our Practice tests or quizzes
  • Sending email to us
  • Contact us at our site
  • Engage with any public forum, or interactive experience on our site 

We collect name, user name, email address, and in case you make a purchase you have to provide your bank account details to complete the payment process.

We also store your usage information regarding your visits to our site, as discussed in COOKIES AND TRACKING INFORMATION

Third Party involvement:

We don’t voluntarily collect or store your financial information including account details, identification number issued by the government, or any other entity. Rather, if you opt for making a purchase your session will be transferred to the third-party payment processor and ID verification service center as we have outsourced these services. If you hesitate in providence of relevant information, you wouldn’t be able to attempt our online quizzes.

Cookies and Tracking Information:

Like other websites, we have usage of cookies and other tracking technologies on our site and email communication to allow you get better user experience by understanding your interests.
To improve our services for you we use the following information.
Depending upon your cookies settings, we track information demonstrating the visited pages of upquizzes, the sequence in which they were visited, when they were surfed and the type of interface used by you.
We might log the operating system, search browser, IP address and device type including mobile you are using, while accessing our site.
Upquizzes might track the emails sent to you by the site to find if you have checked our email or clicked any link sent to you.

Modify Cookies Settings:

You have authority to set your browser’s privacy and security settings to prevent cookies from accessing your information. In case if you reject our cookies, some functions of upquizzes might not work properly.

Storage and Security:
We store all collected information on our servers, and have an information security program to ensure the protection of your information. We apply technical, administrative guards to protect the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of the information. Even though no method of security is 100% guaranteed on the internet, we try our best but ideal security can not be achieved.

Delete your personal information and account:

You have complete jurisdiction in deletion of your personal information and account on upquizzes. In this regard you are required to click the “Delete Account” button in the account settings. We will

  • Deactivate your upquizzes account
  • Delete your active profile
  • Eliminate your user name
  • Exclude you from our email list

Review Policy:
The privacy policy is updated with time to meet standard practices. With change the privacy policy is labeled as “Revised Policy”, it indicates that you must check new terms. If you miss this opportunity, it’s better to visit the policy page frequently on periodic bases to get familiar with revised policy.