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It’s not a surprise anymore to see below average pass rates in all parts of CMA. First two sections of CMA have pass rates upto 45% and it is a significant indication of exam complexity.
Depending on its tricky and technical syllabus it is advisable to dedicate 90 or more hours to each part of CMA. Make a suitable schedule. Your exam preparation time may extend from weeks to months depending upon your commitment.


After completion of an accounting degree, it’s advisable to get some industry experience and a certification is an ice on cake as it improves your chances to join the top industries. With practical knowledge and sufficient skills you can get the highest paid jobs in all around the world.

This certification secures your future by ensuring your financial stability. You have a lot of opportunities in top industries of the world like Engineering, Pharmaceutical, and Aerospace. You are able to earn 51% more than non-certified fellows.

To retain your CIA certification you have to complete CPE credit hours each year, referring to the events, or courses you have accomplished.


Yes, our all courses are according to the latest accountancy regulations and management principles. Certified professionals with industrial expertise are responsible to design Upquizzes courses and they ensure to include all major areas and techniques to provide exposure to our members.

The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam is an open book exam. You are required to prepare for the exam by maintaining a consistent and compatible learning schedule. Go for practice tests, mocks and relevant study material to refine your concepts.

We at Upquizzes are offering 4 parts of CPA including, Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), Auditing and Attestation (AUD), Business Environment and Concepts (BEC), and Regulation (REG). To qualify for certification you are supposed to pass all sections with a 75% score each, in 18 months.


Upquizzes.com ensures to provide you the most updated and technical learning. You quench your thirst for knowledge with a variety of most demanding worldwide Accounting and Management certifications on a single platform. You get virtual courses with reasonable cost and flexible schedule.
In the beginning focus to get clarity in concepts, perform self analysis to evaluate your Existing Knowledge and make an efficient study plan, get exam questions familiarity. Try to attempt the Mock exam for practice. All these steps if followed accordingly will definitely lead you toward success.
First you have to wait for official exam notification then download the application form and fill it according to instructions. After getting endorsement from a professional submit form with required documents and registration fee. You will get a reply from Upquizzes within 2 days with attached certification.


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PMP is the most well rated certification globally, but the importance of learning can not be ignored. It’s better to combine certification with a specific business area of your interest. PMP concerns traditional management knowledge and now various industries are adopting Agile Project Management approach, so it’s recommended to have a blend of both certifications.
It is valid for 3 years and after mentioned duration on the basis of earned 60 Professional Development units (PDUs) your PMI accreditation is renewed.


ACP is one of the top certifications of Project Management and valued a lot in industry. You can have a 28% higher salary than the non certified professionals. So, it’s beneficial both in terms of career and salary.
Exam format for PMI-ACP includes 120 MCQs each having 4 choices. It’s the online exam and aspirants are required to complete the exam in 3 hours.

This course lets you to polish your skills in agile techniques. PMI-ACP includes various agile approaches like Kanban, Scrum, Test-Driven Development, Lean and Extreme Programming.


Online educational services through our platform are cost competitive. You will find courses more valuable than the fee you are submitting. Contact us for more fee estimation.
There is no limitation for resits, you can pass the exam in multiple attempts and in result you will get a certification that will never expire.
Both credentials have their values and needs at certain places. While working in an IT firm dealing with adapting agile practices, it’s better to have a CSM certification. If you are working with waterfall PM models, it’s preferable to get PMP.


ITIL provides a flexible and structured framework to assist IT Service Management. The primary feature of this certification is that it provides positioning of IT in business strategy thus it supports IT services for business necessities.
Every certification is valuable to Project Managers, according to their industrial needs. Furthermore, if you want to work in IT Service Management and have prerequisite education, it’s better to go for ITIL. PMP is also useful in a wide range of industries and PMP professionals are managing waterfall model projects worldwide.
Nothing is impossible in this world, this phrase fits right to this question. Actually to pass the ITIL exam is not that tricky. Aspirants are able to pass the exam in the first attempt with adequate study and revisions.


Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist and Certified Fraud examiner both are absolutely different certifications. If you have significant interest in Anti-Money Laundering it is advisable to opt for CAMS. If you wish to pursue a career in Fraud specialism, I would suggest CFE certification.
This is one of the most asked questions and we consider it our favourite one. With our professional and experienced developers and security team we guarantee the safety of Personal Identity Information (PII) of individuals.
The candidate has to complete 40 credit hours of coursework, and 30 credits professional experience within three years, 10 per year. You are free to get experience in any industry or sector.


With this certification you have a bright career ahead. In the fraud examination process there are piles of opportunities in the public and private sector. In the public sector countless agencies employ CFEs at local, state and federal level. In private sector fraud analysts are responsible for retail security, lead Loss Prevention (LP) department and gather facts and evidence to conduct investigations against crimes.
It is organized in different exam sections, you need to join the Certified Fraud Examiner course at IFPML.com after grabbing primary concepts of each section, and take practice exams. Study the strongest section on priority basis then the weakest one. Do brainstorming to answer the questions and enhance your subject knowledge.
It’s not imperative to have a degree in a specific field but at least a candidate must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent diploma from the higher learning institute. The Individual needs to complete 2 years of professional experience to accomplish CFE accreditation.


Two basic formats of MCQs including questions with three exclusive choices and sentence completion with three different options are used in Chartered Financial Analyst exam. Paper contains 240 or 180 MCQs with time duration of 6 and 4 hour respectively split in morning and afternoon or first and second sessions.
To pass the CFA exam in 30 days you need to make 15 hours per day study schedule and join the CFA course at Upquizzes. It might seem a daunting task, but with effective learning time and peaceful environment, trust me it’s not an unachievable goal.
The maximum score bracket for the specific topic lies between 70 to 100%, you can get a lower percentage in weak areas of the subjects but make an effort to compensate for the score in Stronger areas and reach your level up to 70%.