5 Reasons Why PMP Certification is most worthwhile

In this competitive era training and education must be justified. In plethora of certifications there are watered down certifications just as garnishing alongside a lobster dinner. They add no value to your resume and cost you thousands of dollars. 

Is it really the case with PMP certification?

 Is PMP certification worthwhile to put effort and potential?

Is it really worth the trouble?

This article outlines the perspective that why the PMP is  best credential to distinguish yourself in industry, get career growth, earn respect and credibility by answering above questions.

There are various project management certifications with restrictions to a certain domain or geographical location but the PMP (Project Management Professional) is a universally perceived credential offered by Project Management Institute.

 It is acknowledged as Gold Standard certification in Project Management. It allows you to work in a range of industries with a variety of methodologies in any location all around the world.

Industries from the United States to SouthAfrica and everywhere else it is the most trusted certification. The governing body of PMP, Project Management Institute (PMI) has above 2.9 million members. 

The predominance of the PMP accreditation is that you can benchmark Project managers on its base. Certification holders are able to complete the project within time and budget. Their presence as an influential resource increases the success rate of the project. 

As a Project Manager you apply your skills, knowledge, techniques and tools to match the project requirements. PMP accreditation is an endorsement of the project manager’s qualification and helps to achieve career excellence in the field of Project management.  

A certified professional is a resource any executive can trust to hand over projects knowing that project is in the hands of someone who knows how to bring the results most efficiently and effectively.  With the professional distinction you get a higher career track. 

Many large industries will outright refuse a resume without PMP certification. It’s the PMP certification that allows you to climb up the career ladder and get a dramatic increase in the salary.

After getting PMP accreditation, you are required to meet Professional Development Units (PDUs) to maintain your certification. Your credential demonstrates that you have gained the knowledge and skills to meet the PMP prerequisites. Certification holders must have to earn 60 PDUs over the period of 3 years to maintain the credential. 

As an indication of your hard work  it demonstrates your abilities and brings better opportunities for you.  Project management best practices enables you to get professional development and lead top projects in the company.

As a career attestation to your expertise, PMP certification assists you to gain the credibility and respect of all relevant project stakeholders. Either its form the project sponsors or project team, earning the trust will help you to get lead in efficiency and authority.  With this prestigious certification you can stand out in a competitive environment and can get the attention of executives. 

One of the significant advantages of PMP is that it proves your dedicated behaviour and experience regarding your occupation to all coworkers. It’s valuable for beginners to prove their professional and learning skills. To overcome hindrances and accomplish complicated long-term goals this certification is useful.

Being a PMP personal you receive higher compensations against your counterparts without a  credential with maximum opportunities for advancement. According to, the annual PMI Project Management Salary Survey PMP Professionals earn 23% more than their non certified peers.

Salary varies according to 

  • Geographical location
  • Job title
  • Industry

 In the coming next ten years project management vacancies are going to increase as 2 million expecting jobs will need to be occupied. You are fresher in your career or have years of experience in the Project management field, earning PMP accreditation may position you in the list of top candidates to fill these coveted roles.

To become PMP certified might seem an unnecessary hurdle to jump to many of the experienced Project Managers but there can be no embellishment about the fact that PMP is still worthwhile. The earning process of PMP certification requires money and time investment. Hence, you must decide whether it’s worthwhile for you or not? What’s your turn about this? Tell us in the comments!